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charina cabanayan

Charina Cabanayan is a dedicated student of Yoga.  Charina began her yoga practice in 2004 in a desire to find calm and equanimity in her fast paced life as a fashion designer, business owner and mother of two daughters.  From her very first practice on the mat, Charina found how yoga provided an unparalleled reprieve from stress and reminded her of the opportunity for calm and reflection during difficult times. 

For the past 12 years, Charina’s relationship with Yoga has evolved through a dedicated, daily practice. Charina embarked on her first journey to Mysore, India in 2015 and continues to return to study with her teachers, Sharath and Saraswati Jois.  Back home, Charina regularly practices with her teacher Magnolia Zuniga at Mysore SF. She is ever grateful for the grace and guidance of her teachers.   

Recognized as a mindful communicator and compassionate guide, Charina is known for her dedication to share the knowledge passed down from her teachers with her students. Charina’s classes are focused on initiating breath with movement and meeting each student where they are in their practice. Charina is passionate about sharing the healing and rejuvenating benefits of yoga and she encourages students to connect with the practice in all its dimensions to cultivate mindfulness both on and off the mat. 

When Charina is not practicing or teaching, she enjoys reading, exploring, climbing, cooking, painting and spending quality time with her family.