Snuggle Up and Read Series

Hello friends and happy Friday! As promised, every Friday we will post a short list of favorite books.  This week includes a two autobiographies. They're both quite different from each other but incredibly uplifting and inspiring in their own way.  I really hope you'll enjoy them. 

Find a Way: The Inspiring Story of One Woman's Pursuit of a Lifelong Dream
Diana Nyad

On September 2, 2013, Diana Nyad became the first person to emerge from the waters after crossing the 110 miles from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage.  She was 64 years old. She had tried this crossing four times prior and failed.  Upon hearing Nyad's interview on KQED during one of my long commute trips to mysore yoga practice, I knew I just had to read this book. What an incredible woman. Some people may describe her drive to pursue her life long dream as stubborn or overly ambitious, but she has an indomitable spirit that refused to let failure get in her way. This continues to remain one of my favorite memoirs of all time.  Simply put, her story shows how much we are capable of achieving in our life time and the many factors that contribute to failure and success. 

Here is a link to the original interview with Nyad on Forum back in 2015. 


Will's Red Coat
Tom Ryan

Our dog Bella loves to have her belly rubbed every time we come home from work. One day, when I was about 7 months pregnant, I was leaned over her rubbing her belly when she accidentally kicked me right in the middle of my tummy. It was so painful it brought tears to my eyes. I knew that it was not intentional, but for many months I was tentative and a bit afraid to be close to her again.

After our baby was born I also had trouble since I could not take Bella for her daily walks. I had to rely on my family and friends to walk her, which made it even more difficult to connect with her. I often felt frustrated about not being able to walk our doggy without causing more injury to myself during the post partum recovery period. This and the fear that she would accidentally hurt our baby with her boisterous energy heightened my feelings of distance.  

I picked up this book looking for a way to reconnect with Bella. I really had no idea what Will's Red Coat was about but if you love dogs, you will truly enjoy this book. It's not a book about puppies, but rather an incredible story of how an old dog chose to live again. The author Tom Ryan is best known for his stories about his courageous dog Atticus and their quest to climb 48 mountains to honor the memory of friend who had died of cancer. While I did not read Following Atticus, I do plan to add to it my list this year. In Will's Red Coat, Ryan writes about his journey in adopting an old, cantankerous and fearful dog. Ryan's compassion for Will shines through in his words. The love and care that he gave to this old dog touched my heart and helped me find a way to reconcile the fears I had about our dog and our baby. A definite must read if you like uplifting books, hiking, the great outdoors, and dogs.