How To Cultivate Joy Through The Essentials

Hey there - are you yearning for some free time on your calendar? Need to RELAX but life is CRAZY BUSY at this moment?

Then, my friend, read on and check out the scenario below.

Imagine this… 

You run into a friend you haven’t seen in a while and you guys stop for a quick chat.

You both realize some time has passed since you’ve gotten together and your friend says — “Hey girl, I’ve got to run, but I’d love to catch up with you. What’s your weekend like? Are you free this Sunday?" 

You quick scan your calendar and reply, “Yeah, this weekend we've got plans. Sunday however we're going to do nothing. Just relax.” 

Awkward silence. 

In that silence your friend is a.) offended because you've just declined scheduling with her to do nothing, b.) shocked by your response, or c.) gives you a high five. 

So why am I sharing this scenario with you? 

Because recently I've had a similar conversation with a friend about making plans, and he brought up the question —"How do you tell someone you're not free, but you're also not planning to do anything that day?" 

This got me thinking about how awesome it would be if we could JUST be honest and open about doing nothing!  

Sometimes, the default response may be — “Uh, yeah we have plans this weekend… Sunday, we may have something going on…” 

Or, “Oh, this weekend's totally out for us—we’re crazy busy;” at which point you describe the crazy busy schedule of social obligations, kids classes, parties, etc. to justify not being able to hang out.  

Imagine a world where you can be honest about the art of doing nothing.

Or, the art of intentionally blocking off time to just rest

Now, there are ways you can describe this to your friend without completely offending them. For example, you could say, “I’d really love to catch up with you, but this Sunday's out. We're planning to keep it schedule-free and unplug. How about we plan for another day in the future?” 

This does two things.

One, it lets your friend know you value connecting with them, and two, you actually set aside time TO CONNECT rather than leaving the conversation open-ended until months fly by and you’re repeating this cycle again. 

Sadly, (at least for me) the reality of making social plans usually means scheduling things a few weeks out. While I, myself, am super sad that my boho days of go with the flow life have come to a close, I recognize that if I intentionally block off time to do less, I actually create a little more time to DO MORE.

How does that work, you may ask?

Well, when I have a full afternoon blocked off with nothing scheduled, it creates space for whatever life brings in the moment to happen — fostering spontaneity and creativity. For example — having an afternoon free means I get to catch up with my teenage girls when they're finally free from homework or their own super busy social life. We get to kick back, go on a boba run, maybe head out to the park, or just stay home and catch up on some good o’ Netflix.  

By intentionally setting aside time to say no to over-scheduling, I gain more time to say yes to being present — whether that’s for my family or myself.

Sometimes I even get a little more ME time to read a book or make that rare and luxurious trip to the nail salon to give my toes some much needed TLC (all I’ve gots to say is thank goodness boot weather is coming).

Intentionally blocking off time for rest and play is essential.

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Take a moment and answer these four questions

  • Have you ever found yourself stretched too thin at home or at work? 

  • Have you ever felt both overworked and underutilized

  • Do you ever feel busy but not productive

  • Do you feel like you're constantly in motion but never getting anywhere? 

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, I highly recommend picking up this gem of a book. 

In Essentialism you'll find ways to distill and clarify what's truly important, weed out what isn’t, and help you get a lot more shit done. 

And who doesn't want to increase their productivity AND have a little less STRESS in their life? 


Speaking of the essentials, are you missing some nature medicine in your life? Is this amazing fall weather calling your name, beckoning to get out side PLAY and MOVE? 

Here's an event you’re going to love

Do you want to skip out on the Black Friday crowds, soak in the beauty of Northern California, and do yoga?

Are you looking to move your body, ease some of that soreness and tension from your hard work cookin’ in the kitchen? 

If your answer is yes, then you'll love the event we're hosting on Friday, November 23 in the beautiful and majestic Foothills Park

We’ll start out our morning with an opening meditation, venture out on a gentle hike, and close with a grounding and releasing yoga practice.

SO go get your hiking boots and layers ready and reserve your mat space now! :) 

Due to park regulations, space is LIMITED.

Please sign up only if you plan to attend since we are required to submit attendee names to the park ranger prior to the event. 

This community event is kid friendly and donation based. 

Kiddos under 14 are free.

Suggested sliding scale donation is $12-20 per person. You may bring your donation to the event. 

If you plan to enjoy the park after our event, bring a blanket (or two), layers and your picnic basket goodies.

This event will be cancelled in case of rain or inclement weather. 

I’m so looking forward to sharing this morning with you. Till then, I hope you enjoy the freedom of doing less and living more

To you and your health.