Minimalism: A Practice

The ongoing quest to decluttering. 

A week ago I posted about the mins game on Instagram. It's now 10 days into this new challenge and it's kind of incredible.  The first time I tried this challenge it was really difficult because I started to clear out large items - like clothes, shoes, books, appliances we don't really use, etc. This time I'm finding a bit more success as I've focused on the little items. 

Things like old spices, dried herbs that have lost their prana, make up that's older than 6 months, cracked ceramics that were repaired but never used. 

And voila, I'm not finding it as challenging as the first time around. The best thing too? I'm actually using my candles again. Burning candles in the evening instead of having our lights on is so soothing. Candles are one of the things I collect and somehow never finish burning again once they're halfway down. 

Why do I this, what am I holding on to? 

The bathroom counter is slowly becoming more clear and calm since there's less stuff in the drawers and cabinets where we can put items we use away.  

The storage cabinets are starting to clear out and there's a bit more white space, negative space around our home. Having been an artist most of my life, I am always fascinated by negative space.  

The only issue with negative space is this. It yearns to be filled.  It's like when there a high dose of vata, like when the womb empties after birth.  There's an emptiness there, a longing to be full again. 

The trick with decluttering is to appreciate this negative space. To let it be and to not give in to the temptation to immediately fill it with something else. 

I don't know yet what to call this kind of practice. 

But I find it fascinating. 

Sunday morning musings on minimalism and living with less stuff.