First Friday Book List

First Friday book list

Happy First Friday yogis! It’s time for our monthly book list share. This past month has been a busy one so I’ve had a little less time to read. However, the books I’ve dove into have been an amazing addition to this year of personal growth.  

While these gems are not new releases, they are total game changers. If you're looking to cultivate compassion and work towards gaining insight into personal development, I'd recommend checking these out. 


Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

I'm looking forward to Brené Brown’s upcoming work Dare to Lead (arriving 10.9.18). First, if you haven’t seen it already, check out Brené Brown’s TEDX talk. It’s no coincidence that her talk is on the top 10 TEDx list. Watching this talk was the catalyst that sparked my interest in Brené Brown's work. 

I have a list of Brown's books that I’d like to read but I started with this one. First, it was available and on the shelf at the library. Second, I was drawn to the title "How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We live, Love, Parent, and Lead."  This book literally opened my eyes to the patterns of how I’ve lived, the nature of my relationships -and why they are the way they’ve been. Her message is powerful across her work and I plan to continue to immerse myself in these books over the months to come.



Essentialism by Greg McKeown

"You need to prioritize your life, otherwise someone else will do it for you." 

This book contains actionable advice and strategies on how to declutter your life. No, not your material items, your calendar and to do list. It distills the noise of our constant need to look busy and breaks it down to what's essential so that we can stop expending energy on that which is not.  I view this book as an extension of my minimalist journey.

Have you ever poured yourself into a project, only to realize later that it was NOT vitally important to the big picture? Or said yes to too many projects and meetings and later felt depleted? Yes, I have.

If you dig deep and identify what is essential, it becomes easierto  say no and selectively choose projects that you know you'll be able to give your full attention to. This will not only increase your productivity, but your EFFECTIVENESS. Effectiveness means that you have less half baked, half assed projects and a team of people who will feel less of that frazzled angst and stress of an inefficient and over bloated work load.

If this sounds like you're life right now, find this book! 



Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayed

This is just one of those beautiful books to have around when you need a little pick me up. First off, I'm a huge Cheryl Strayed fan. I loved her book Wild and enjoyed her interview with Marie Forleo on the Marie TV podcast. Whenever I’m looking for inspiration, I dive into this book and l always inevitably find something that resonates. The typography is also beautiful. 

One other bonus, is that baby Mila loves this book. If it’s lying around within her reach, she loves to pick it up, take it to her lounge chair and flip through the pages. This warms my heart every time because I think (hope) she’s going to be a major book worm like her mama. 


That’s all for this month.

Stay tuned for October's list - they're going to centered around a topic that I'm super passionate about... Hmm... I wonder what that could be?

As always, sending my love out to you. 

By the way, I'm looking for some great, inspiring audiobooks to listen to over the holidays. If you've listened to anything that's lit up a fire in your heart, please comment below.