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Next Level Chocolate Bark for Your Sweetie

Charina CabanayanComment
Next Level Chocolate Bark for Your Sweetie

Happy Valentine’s Day love!

I love you! Thank you so much for your sweet response from this past Tuesday’s post. I’ve received a few emails in response to “Let’s talk about love” and I feel so immensely grateful to connect with you through the practice of yoga, and life.

You make my heart melt with your sweet, sweet messages. 

Speaking of melting - I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days with a group of eight immensely gifted women from Love Yoga Light. We spent three days at a private retreat in the snow, where I felt so much of the heartache and tension I’ve been holding onto in my body and heart melt away.

There was pure magic in spending sweet time in sisterhood, and I realize now how much women need more of this support and nourishment.

During the retreat, I enjoyed whipping up some chocolate bark for my moon sisters. Chocolate is one of my beloved comfort treats. Now I know not everyone is a chocolate lover, but if you are, this delectable easy to make, no bake recipe is a go-to favorite of mine.

This recipe is adapted from The New Persian Kitchen by Louisa Shafia. I’ve omitted coffee since I’m super sensitive to caffeine, and chocolate is already a natural pick me up. Also, on occasion I’ll add a little cinnamon or nutmeg to the mix depending on my mood. Sweet or spicy.

This version however is absolutely the best ever.

Because one of the amazing women I retreated with suggested the key to this juicy treat.

The alchemy of flavor got even better with this ingredient that’s brought this bark to the next level - pomegranate arils!  

But before you head into your kitchen to create this for your sweeties - I want to give a shout out to my moon sister Masha Kitaigorodsky for her magical anti-oxidant boost to this treat.

Masha is also a Bay Area based yoga instructor. If you haven't had the chance to take one of her classes and you’re looking to unwind and melt away tension - I highly suggest you head on over to Masha’s Restorative Class at East West Yoga.

Masha has a calming and very grounding presence. Her voice and practice will bring you a to a place of inner peace and drop you back to your heart.

But wait! Not only is Masha a gifted teacher, she is also a skilled photographer as well. Check out her work at

Last thing, if you want to give this delicious retreat inspired chocolate at try before you commit to whipping up some of your own, we’ll have some samples for you at our upcoming partner yoga and massage workshop this weekend, Sunday, February 17 at OFJCC.

If you’re still looking for a date idea for you and your sweetie, it’s not too late to sign up! You’ll be led through a gentle yoga practice and bathe your senses in sound and touch. 

Bonus? Does your partner love receiving massages? You’re in for a another treat! The second component of our workshop will be a guided massage sequence you can give to your partner at home.

Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving! (wink, wink

If you have any questions, or are looking for a partner for this workshop, please send me an email over at

Visit OFJCC’s site for registration details.

I really hope to see you there, and if not, I still super duper LOVE you and wish you a most amazing day and YEAR filled with love.

Pomegranate & Cardamom Nutty Chocolate Bark

What you need:

Non-stick baking sheet
Parchment paper for lining
Medium size pot
Medium stainless steel bowl

2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips. You may substitute this with bittersweet or 16 oz of dark chocolate bar broken into pieces
1 teaspoon cardamom
1/4 cup dried mulberries
1/4 cup dried bing cherries or other tart cherries of choice, roughly chopped
1/2 cup almonds, toasted and unsalted, coarsely chopped
1/2 cup pistachios , toasted and coarsely chopped
1/2 cup fresh pomegranate arils
pinch of maldon salt (optional)

Step 1
Line baking sheet with parchment paper. I snip the corners down to allow them to lie flat.

Step 2
Fill a pot with water and bring to a boil. Turn down the heat and allow it to simmer. Place the chocolate chips or broken bars in a stainless steel bowl over the simmering pot of water. Make sure the bottom of the bowl is not touching the water. Melt chocolate chips.

Step 3
Add cardamom to the chocolate mix and give it a few minutes to dissolve.

Step 4
Pour the melted chocolate into the lined baking sheet and generously spread your toppings over the chocolate starting with the dried nuts, berries and finishing with the pomegranate seeds.

Step 5
Place baking sheet in the fridge and allow it to harden (about 2 hours).

Step 6