Charina Cabanayan

Think achieving your dreams is impossible? Read this.

Charina Cabanayan
Think achieving your dreams is impossible? Read this.

Hello and happy spring!

Tell me, are you enjoying those beautiful spring blooms like we are here in Northern Cali?

You know the one other thing I absolutely LOVE about the spring showers? Rainbows!

For me, rainbows are a reminder of a power much larger than myself.

Rainbows also remind me that the divine has SO MUCH MORE in store for us - and that love and light are present even after the most tempestuous storms. 

Isn't spring such a beautiful time of year?  

For me spring is an invitation to shed the layers of winter and connect deeply with our great Mother earth. 

This past weekend we spent some time in our garden planting new blooms with our baby girl. Her excitement about digging into the soil and carefully placing each plant into the earth created such an opening in our hearts. 

Do you know, some studies show that microbiomes exist in soil that act as a natural anti-depressant? 

I don’t know about you, but if getting a little down and dirty in the garden can cultivate a little more joy, then I say go for it! 

Gardening is therapeutic, and there’s no time like springtime that’s perfect for planting anew.

You know what else I'll be adding to my garden this weekend?

My dreams. 

Yes, that’s right, you heard me. Bury my dreams, down into the earth. 

I've originally heard of this sacred practice from Dr. Tererai Trent during her interview with Marie Forleo.

If you have time, give it a listen. Dr. Trent’s story is incredible.

If you don't have time for the whole interview, it's worth listening to the first 15 minutes - particularly where her mother gives her insight about her dreams. (around 10:15)  

There is a power that takes root when you bury your dreams.

"When sleeping women wake, goes an old Chinese proverb, mountains move. It is important for us to know that we are never irretrievably broken, but simply in need of social and emotional healing, a healing that comes when women wake up - when we tell the truth about our lives." - from The Awakened Woman.  

Sisters - the time to wake up and rediscover your dreams is now. 

You may find it difficult to connect to your dreams, because they've been dormant for so long.  Take some time to reflect on them. They will come. 

As women, mothers, caring and compassionate humans, we often choose to place the needs of others first.

Our lives are teeming with tasks and responsibilities.

Ground yourself sister. I know it's hard and I know you're asking yourself, when am I going to freaking find the time to ground myself when I have a sink full of dishes, emails to catch up on and barely enough sleep? 

Take out your calendar and block off time. Even if it's a week or a month from now. Be intentional.

If it seems impossible, get support. Sometimes support is there. We just need to get over our doubt, worry, ego, fear and our own selves and ask for it. 

And, if you do gain that glorious spontaneous moment, that gap of 15-20 minutes when your kids are napping or that meeting you had was cancelled -claim this time for yourself. 

Come back home to yourself.  

If someone told you your health depended on it, you'd do it.  

As you journey within, hear your voice and experience your most sacred dreams.  

Write your sacred dreams down. Remember them. Speak them aloud. Bury them. Re-visit them. And don't forget to feel gratitude for the dreams that have come true.

Your dreams are valued and valid, holy and whole. I see you and you are not alone.

Love you, 


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