Overcome Insomnia and Inflammation - A Cup of Soothing Golden Milk

Do you suffer from insomnia and inflammation? Have you noticed how the two are intrinsically linked? When the body is uncomfortable, it’s literally impossible to fall asleep. 

As someone who’s had to grapple with these two culprits that have led to many sleepless nights, I’ve spent the better of the past year seeking ways to improve my personal health and vitality. 

Believe me, I’ve tried it all — from CBD oil, hot baths, going caffeine free, acupuncture (which works wonders, by the way), abhyanga massage, essential oils, working with crystals, to forgoing stressful conversations with my mate in the evenings. I’ve left no stone unturned in this quest for a better night’s sleep.  

I was systematic in these methods. I tried changing only one thing at a time for at least four weeks (sometimes more) before trying anything new. Over time, I gradually created a series of evening rituals that allowed me to find the sweet release to great sleep. 

Often times, the most simple ingredients can make the greatest impact. 

And so, even though the weather has been hot, hot, hot this week in the Bay Area, this warming drink in the cool evening can still bring great pleasure as you settle down from your busy life. 

Evening rituals are a powerful way to create closure for your day. A ritual allows you to design a sacred container for yourself—a capsule of time to shed your worries, cares, and concerns before you turn down for the night. 

As someone who’s suffered from many sleepless nights, I can attest to the power of evening ritual and how it can help you beat your insomnia woes.

Imagine for a moment as you close your day, you are making space this evening to let go and unwind. 

Imagine as the last golden rays of sun slowly fade, you feel the sweet silence of evening descend and dusk turns into the quiet night. 

You sit in your most comfortable chair, favorite mug in hand as it releases a gentle steam of golden deliciousness. You take a sip of this delectable drink, the aroma of spices—ginger, turmeric, a hint of cardamom tickling your nose.   

The house is quiet and you bask in the pleasure of night sounds.

You take another sip, close your eyes, and savor the creamy, earthy, spicy medley of flavors. 

For me personally, the simple pleasure of sitting down to savor sip by sip of golden milk not only marks the end of a long day, but also allows me to cultivate deep gratitude for the simple fact that I am alive, breathing, and able to enjoy such a gift. 

Now, you may have your own secret ingredients to a successful evening ritual. If you do and you’d like to share, I’d love to hear from you.

Please leave them in the comments below — your special ingredients may just resonate with someone else who’s looking for an end of day dinacharya practice.

Today, I’d love to offer the ingredients that have helped me find that sweet spot of sleepiness, gratitude, and release with this Golden Oatmilk Recipe.  Yes, Oatly fans, this one’s for you

Give this delicious drink a try, especially if you’re currently experiencing any body aches or inflammation. 



PS - Know anyone else who would love to try this simple and delicious nightcap? Please share this post, or better yet, make a cuppa of golden milk goodness for yourself or someone you love this evening.

Serves 1

1 Cup oat milk (or other milk of choice)

2 cardamom pods slightly crushed

1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder

1/2 teaspoon ginger powder

1/4 teaspoon coconut oil

jaggery or date sugar to taste

grated nutmeg (optional)

Golden Milk Ritual:

Slip into your favorite pajamas or robe. Something that makes you feel super cozy and sexy too. The two can be combined!

Take a few moments to gather and prepare your mug, brewing pot and ingredients.

Take 3 deep breaths, evenly inhaling counting 1 -2 -3 - 4 and exhale 4 - 3- 2 - 1.

Pour cup of milk into pot and bring to a boil. Keep connected to your breath as the milk begins to steam.

Place crushed cardamom pods into milk.

Carefully pour next 4 ingredients into milk. Gently whisk with a hand whisker, observe the color change and scents of the spices as the blend in with the milk. Take care not to let the milk over boil.

Turn down heat and let sit for a minute to settle.

Close your eyes and observe your breath. Listen to the sounds of your home and the night sounds around you.

When you feel complete and ready, pour milk through a strainer into your mug.

Grate jaggery to taste. You can substitute with date sugar or honey or skip sweetener.

Sit down in your favorite nook and enjoy!