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It's all about LOVE baby...

Charina CabanayanComment
It's all about LOVE baby...

Human contact and connection—we’re all looking for it in our lives. Now, more than ever, with the plethora of distractions available to us, the eight second “attention of a goldfish syndrome;” we have so many options to be engaged and entertained, yet, we feel more lonely than ever.

What is true connection you ask? 

Great question. 

It looks different for everyone. 

For me, connection happens in those moments I get to spend uninterrupted, one-on-one time with each of my kids. 

Connection looks like walking around North Beach in San Francisco with my daughter, hand in hand while we chat about her perspectives on life.

Connection looks like listening to my eldest daughter make up a new song on her ukulele, or sitting for long moments with my baby girl on my lap watching the birds and squirrels romp around our yard. 

So tell me - what does connection look like to you? I really would love to hear your best moments of feeling truly connected.

 You see, for me, yoga is about connection. 

It’s about connection to the inner witness, to the Self that resides within, and to the flow of what’s present without. 

In my quest to explore what connection looks like to me, the answers that have come up are simple. 

Compassion. Attention. Kindness. Love. 

Powerful words, but difficult ones to live by all the time. Life’s pressures and stressors are real obstacles that make it difficult to remember the simplicity of these principles. 

Humans like to make simple things complex. We think we want the simple thing, but then we complexify it. See? I know this is not a word, and an example of what we do, even with language. 

Yogis are humans too. We fall, we stumble, we make mistakes. We try again.

Try this. Write down these one of these words where you can readily see it and practice this for your self today.  

Take time to be kind to yourself, especially when negative self talk comes up. 

Pay attention the next time you’re critical of someone else and you may see a link to the same critical way you talk with yourself.  

Love your self today by nourishing your body by drinking enough water. 

The actions you take don’t need to be complex or fancy. 

Now, here’s one more exercise you can do to open up your heart to connection.   

Take a moment to bring to mind one person you wish to find more connection with in your life. 

It could be your partner, a family member… maybe even yourself. 

Find a comfortable place to sit and become aware of your breath. Close your eyes and connect with your breath. As you sit, bring to mind this person and see them as if they’re in front of you. Hold their image behind your eyes and in your heart. 

Visualize this person in front of you. Feel your desire to truly see them as they are.  Allow love and gratitude to rise up and flow from your heart. Imagine this love like a white light, wrapping itself around this person like hug. 

Tell them, “I love you.” 

Can you feel a gentle softening in your heart? 

When you do this exercise, even if you don’t feel anything, or you feel something else, it’s a practice of observation and awareness.  You may need to repeat this again.  

I know how difficult it can be at times to feel connection, especially when there are other emotions in play. Keep doing this practice as it begins to plants seeds. Your thoughts and your intentions create your reality.  If it’s connection you’re looking for, it will become stronger through your effort, attention and practice. 

Hey, and if you’re looking for a chance to connect in person with someone you deeply love, we’ve got some amazing events coming your way.

This February, Vince Baza, a fellow brother from another mother, yoga instructor, and body worker extraordinaire and I are offering a Partner Yoga & Massage workshop, an afternoon of CONNECTION over at OFJCC.  

You and your partner will move and support each other through gentle yoga postures, and connect deeply through the healer of all healers—touch.

You’ll be guided through a foundational massage sequence you can take home and practice with your partner. 

This workshop will be held on Sunday, February 17 from 1:30-3:30 pm.  Please contact OFJCC to reserve your spot at this event.  

Can’t make it to this workshop? No worries! My sisters and I over at Love Yoga Light have a nourishing day long connection immersion planned just for you.  

Join us on Sunday, March 23 for a Spring Equinox partner immersion at Portola Vineyards.

No phones, no distractions, just pure love and play. 

This will definitely be a delicious retreat not to be missed with your bestie, lover, sister, mother, or anyone you’re deeply connected to. 
Tickets for this event are now available and space is limited!

Book now through Love Yoga Light to reserve your mat space.

Keep practicing love and I look forward to the next time you and I connect.

Yours in Yoga,