“Since earliest times our ancestors have recognized that just as the moon has the power to move the great waters of the world’s oceans, so she also exerts a profound influence on the lives of all things that live on this planet.” ~ Lori Reid

Traditionally, ashtanga yoga practitioners take rest on the days of the new and full moon. As you begin to practice more regularly (5-6 days a week), an additional rest day can be a very welcome respite. Take rest and enjoy the “day off” from practice.

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 New & Full Moon Days 2019*

New Full

Jan 5 Jan 20

Feb 4 Feb 19

March 6 March 20

April 4 April 19

May 5 May 19

June 3 June 17

July 2 July 16

July 31 August 15

August 31 September 13

September 30 October 13

October 27 November 12

November 26 December 11

December 25

* Shala closed on new and full moon days.