Hi, I’m Charina.

I’m a San Francisco bay area based yoga teacher, mother, writer and wellness enthusiast dedicated to helping you live your most healthy, vibrant, and balanced self through yoga and your life.

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Your 3 Step Guide to Ignite YOUR Yoga Practice.

You’ve heard it all before. Yoga has so many amazing benefits. 

It is a practice that strengthens not just your body, but your spirit and your mind.  

When practiced consistently, you’ll begin to notice how it relieves stress. You breathe better. You move better. You sleep better. You communicate more clearly.

But you’re still having trouble committing to your practice. There are so many obstacles to overcome. 

I totally get it. 

Your practice, just like your life will have seasons. Learning how to practice in a sustainable and consistent way requires dedication.

It requires devotion. It requires discipline and courage to say YES to your own self care. 

Having trouble finding time for your practice? Are you ready to say YES I will take care of myself? 

I’ve been here many times before, and especially now, with a growing family, I get how difficult it can be to over come many obstacles to your practice.

Let me tell you a secret, consistency is the key. You work hard enough as it is and you don’t need the idea of self care to be any more stressful or cause you any more anxiety.

This is why I’ve created this guid especially for you.

To help you ignite your practice and say YES to your commitment to your health and well being. Claim your power. You can do this sister.

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