Shala Schedule



745 Distel Dr, Ste 109 | Los Altos, CA 94022

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Class Descriptions

Led Primary Series - This class is for students who have a regular Mysore Ashtanga practice. In this class, the teacher will call out the names of the poses in Sanskrit according to the classical vinyasa count. This class is a complement to regular Mysore practice and will allow you to work on efficiency in your practice while refining what you have learned in Mysore style classes.

Intro to Mysore - Mysore style is a self-paced practice where you work in relationship with your teacher. This is the best way to learn Ashtanga Yoga, and the perfect starting point for beginners. Rather than being led through the sequence in a group, you will learn the system at your individual pace gradually to cultivate a consistent self practice. It is not necessary to stay for the entire class time, and you may join the class within the first two hours of the scheduled start time. Complete beginners must contact the shala prior to your first visit.  




All beginners to Yoga and Ashtanga yoga are welcome. If you are new, we ask that you please email us to schedule your first visit. 

All regular ashtanga practitioners are welcome to come and take practice. If this is your first visit to the studio, please contact charina@yogalyfe.com

If you are new to the practice, we ask that you commit to a full month of practice, attending the minimum of 3 days a week at the studio and practice 5-6 days per week

Allow for 30-40 minutes for your first day of Mysore practice.

Your practice time will slowly build to about one hour or more over the course of the first month.  



  • Parking: There is ample street parking on Distel Drive in front of the main building. To find the shala, walk up the short flight of stairs to the main floor entrance and turn left towards suite 109.

  • There are hooks and cubbies available for your personal belongings in the studio. Please bring your valuable items into the practice space and turn off or silence your cell phones prior to entering.

  • Please be mindful of noise in the main lobby when leaving practice due to concurrent healing sessions taking place.

  • There are loaner mats available should you forget yours, however we recommend that you bring your own mat to practice.

  • Chai or golden milk will be served on Sundays in the upstairs garden space after led primary during clement weather.

  • Hot towels are provided after practice.

  • Back bending must be done by 9:45 am. Mysore practice ends promptly at 10 am.

Mysore Etiquette

We are dedicated to creating a space where students can focus on their practice with minimal distraction. With this intention we ask that all practitioners maintain a quality of mindfulness within the shala space. The sacred quality of Mysore practice will arise when silence, saucha (cleanliness) and solitude are observed.

  • Please refrain from eating 2 hours prior to practice.

  • Please shower before practice or use a hot towel prior to practice to wipe down.

  • Please wear clean, comfortable clothes that allow you free range of movement for your practice.

  • No fragrance please. Please refrain from wearing strong cologne or perfume during practice.

  • For your safety, please refrain from wearing lotion or oil before practice.

  • Please ensure that your mat, practice rug and towels are clean and odor free.

  • If you sweat a lot during practice, please bring an extra towel to wipe down the area around your mat before you leave.

  • No water bottles in the studio during practice. Please make sure you hydrate well both before and after practice. Drink a warm 8 oz cup of water 30 minutes before practice.



Drop In - $22

5 Class Pass - $95

1 Month (3 days week) Membership - $180

1 Month Beginner’s Pass - $150 (this pass for those completely new to ashtanga)

* Teacher’s Rate Drop In - $18

Teacher’s Rate Monthly Membership - $165

* Teacher’s rates are for yoga teachers and healers serving their communities.

**Please check back in for unlimited monthly passes (6 day program) for availability.