"The real voyage of DISCOVERY consists NOT of seeking new LANDSCAPES but in having NEW EYES."

Marcel Proust 

Travel is one of life's experiences that I enjoy. The past few years I've been incredibly grateful for the opportunity to explore the beauty and wonder of this vast world we live in.  One of the great things about travel is not just the discovery of a new place, but meeting new people, being immersed in their language and of course enjoying amazing (and sometimes very surprising) food.   

One of the things I really love about landing in an unfamiliar place is the smell. Yes, you heard me... the smell.  It's remarkable how the flavor of a place can be explored by one's olfactory senses.  I think the very first time this ever really hit me was my first visit to Tokyo in the winter time... there was something in the air that was sensationally different, slightly sweet, crisp and strong - maybe it's that umami flavor. 

While I cannot share the scent of a place in this forum, I am ecstatic to share a few of the places I've visited in the past few years. I hope that you will find some of it interesting, some a little funny and some to just simply enjoy. 


October 2016 


July 2016 

France & Switzerland 

June 2016 

Italy & France

August 2014